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  • Who is...

    Brenda Moore Robinson

    and what is she all about?


    After graduating from Garland Junior College in Boston with a fashion design degree, Brenda worked in Detroit as a reporter for Fairchild Publications, writing articles for Women’s Wear Daily, Footwear News, Supermarket News, and Drug News Weekly. She later joined Saks Fifth Avenue, Troy (Mich.) where she was office assistant for the men’s department and designer salon and wrote a column for the monthly national in‐house magazine, Saks Fifth Avenews.


    Brenda's first love creatively is editing and proofreading books and other documents. English was reinforced as a passion while she attended school in Toronto.


    She has served in many creative positions, such as selling high end animal sculpture at Pavo Real Gallery in Boca Raton, she is involved in professional and volunteer public speaking and acting gigs, and she offers her whimsy-filled ink and watercolor pictures at art shows and fairs.


    For several years she toured South Florida schools as a puppeteer for the A.R.C. organization, teaching schoolchildren about developmentally disabled and others.


    She has handled the public relations for a large Delray Beach, Florida church for two decades.


    Today, Brenda's life is centered on Potent Pen, where she works with her journalist/copywriter/genealogist husband Dick. They have one married daughter, a writer/editor.

  • Potent Pen can ACCOMPLISH all this for you...

    just ask.


    • Transform a good book, idea, or article into a great one.
    • Ghostwrite  your story in your particular style and voice.
    • Entertain a group with humorous stories.
    • Polish writers' words to a sensational shine.
    • Move forward with your life story.
    • Get the details on your family's history, or that historic home
    • Offer assistance on that first book you are writing or want to write.
    • Design a book around your photography, your verse, your poems

  • Clients' Comments


    These individuals, whom Potent Pen Editing & Writing is very grateful to have served, have each brought joy and knowledge into countless lives.

    Bob Carter

    Artistic Director at Actors Rep; Acting & Speech Instructor

    During my nearly 40 year friendship with Brenda, I have worked with her as an actress, both in class and on stage. We have also worked together to prepare her work with Toastmasters, where she has received awards for her work. As an editor, she has created many publicity releases for our theatre company, created copy for posters, ads, bulk mailings and promotional materials of many kinds. It is only her professional obligations as an editor that prevent us from keeping her full time, at the theatre. She is known as one of the best in the south Florida area. In addition to all this, Brenda is one of the nicest, most pleasant persons one could ever hope to work with.



    Edwin L. Lamont CIC, CRM, CPIA

    Insurance Sales Trainer, Personal Marketing Coach, Keynote Speaker and Historian; President, Lamont Consulting Group

    Brenda Robinson has the special gift of immediately connecting with her audience when speaking. She makes you listen, laugh, and think with her presentations. Brenda has been honored as the Vincent Foy, ATM – Toastmaster of the Year recipient by the Bill Gove Golden Gavel Toastmaster Club. Why? Because she embodies both speaking and leadership excellence for the benefit of our organization.



    Mace Horoff

    Medical Sales/High-Stakes Sales Expert; 2015-16 President South Florida Chapter of the National Speakers Association

    Hearing Brenda speak is like spending time with a dear friend that can teach you what you need to learn while forgetting life's distractions. She has a very non-linear approach to writing that invariably surprises and pleases the audience. On numerous occasions her presentations had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. If you're lucky enough to have Brenda speak for your group, you will remember her presentation. But you will also remember Brenda because she will touch your funny bone and your heart.




    Janet DeVries

    Author of several books on local history and lore;

    Associate Professor and Library Information Professional for

    Palm Beach State College


    Brenda Robinson shows that the pen is mightier than the sword. Her carefully selected words, spoken with conviction and enthusiasm, are delightful to hear and leave the audience energized and enlightened. Brenda combines literary grace with edgy humor, a rare and 'potent' combination. In addition to her oral fluency, Brenda's writing and editing skills are phenomenal.

    Steve Siebold

    Best-selling author, professional speaker to Fortune 500 corporations, mental tough­ness expert, and founder of the Siebold Success Network.


    Finding a book editor is easy; but finding a book editor whose process goes be­yond the Chicago Manual of Style is nearly impossible. That's why I use Brenda Robinson to edit my books… Brenda digs into the details of your book and she's not afraid to make suggestions along the way. Most editors are simply vendors. Brenda Robinson becomes your writing partner, and her thoughts, opinions and ideas have been invaluable to me. I know hundreds of editors around the world, and Brenda Robinson is always my #l recommendation.


    Myra Goldick

    Talk show host, storyteller, diversity keynote speaker, disability advocate, best-selling author, artist.


    Brenda Moore Robinson is a professional editor, writer, consultant –public relations-communications expert and a talented essayist.

    Her unique ability to remain objective while editing the work of others creates a great union between the author and the editor. As a professional, she gently guides her clients to express themselves in the best possible light.

    Brenda has been a great help to me in several ventures including the composing of effective press releases and promotional material. I highly recommend Brenda Robinson.




    David J. Pollay

    Author of The Law of the Garbage Truck and its surrounding worldwide phenomena, syndicated columnist, in-demand speaker on positive psychology president of The Momentum Project, LLC, which leads successful clients into even greater success.


    Get Brenda Robinson if you want one of the best copy editors in the publishing business. If you want a keen editing eye on your project, and a great person to work with, go with Brenda. I called on Brenda many times to proof the final galleys of my book, The Law of the Garbage Truck (published by Sterling Publish­ing, a Barnes & Noble company). No matter how closely I edited every draft, Brenda always found something I could improve. I consider Brenda an extended part of my team. You would be lucky to have her on yours.



    Becky Woodbridge

    Chief Empowerment Officer of SkyBitch LLC, empowering women to soar. Retired 30-year flight attendant for a major airline. Speaker, Author of A Flight Attendant's FULL DISCLOSURE: How to Manage Customer Service Breakdowns


    “When Potent Pen takes on an editing/writing or speaking assignment, you can bet that full throttle heart, soul, and wisdom will be in play. Chief editor Brenda has the confidence to steer you flat out...but with care...when she determines you need guidance. She also is the first to heartily cheer on your good work. I feel blessed to have hired a hard worker and gained a valued friend.”

    Alexandra Sliwin Collins

    Performing Artist Singer/Songwriter

    Honey Ltd; Like Honey; USO Bob Hope Tour Vocalist


    Always ready and willing, Brenda has been an enormous comfort and support to the creative process, helping to unfold ideas through her incredible talent with words. I also greatly appreciate her tactful guidance and advice that has been invaluable over the oh so many years. And let's not forget to mention the endless wit and enduring charm that Brenda brings to brighten the experience



    Colin Christopher

    Author of Success Through Manipulation: Subconscious Reactions That Will Make or Break You; Hypnosis Expert, as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX; and many others.


    As a first time book writer, I was overwhelmed with the entire project. It felt chaotic and tough. Brenda was able to bring order to my chaos while keeping my work mine. She is able to comprehend, interpret, comment on, and give practical insight into complex material. She does this while distilling and crystallizing thoughts and words in a way that is easy for readers to comprehend. She is so professional and helpful. I've met many first time authors who have not had success with the editing process. When they tell me their story I tell them, "Just talk to Brenda! She's the best!"



    Jerry X. Shea


    Jerry X. Shea

    Author of It's a Great Life If You Don't Weaken, The Power of NEXT. Speaker, workshop facilitator and consultant and advocate to the small business community.


    Anyone can edit your book, correct your spelling or improve your grammar.
    Brenda Robinson, however, knows how to keep your "voice" as she edits your book. As a speaker it is important for me to make sure the written words also reflect my spoken word. Brenda accomplished that in my new book. It's a Great Life If You Don't Weaken, The Power of NEXT. The book and I are both saying the same thing in the same way.



    Wendy Campbell

    Financial planner, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author of Personal Happiness: Learn to Balance Your Home and Career.


    Brenda Robinson worked as a consultant with me on my book Personal Happiness, and her ideas and insight were wonderful. She kept me on task and ultimately made my project exactly what I wanted it to be. I would highly recommend her for any work with or for you.



    John R. Spannuth

    President and CEO, United States Water Fitness Association, success mentor to scores of successful business people and athletes


    Brenda's articles, website copy and news releases for us over two decades have always been extremely well written, exciting to the reader, and valuable to our company. Brenda is efficient, skilled, on time, and great to work with, and she has a gift of making people laugh when they most need it.



  • fave quotes

    " A great life is something to do, someone to love,

    and something to look forward to."

    −Author Unknown


    And also...

    "If we could read the secret history of our enemies,

    we should find in each man’s life sorrow and

    suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”

    − Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • videos OF clients

    Topics from their books are featured on TV as they appear and are frequently interviewed.

    Steve Siebold

    Mental toughness expert who studies the life and work habits of wealthy people visits Hoda and Kathie Lee to speak about his book How Rich People Think.

    David Pollay


    The Law of the Garbage Truck phenomena started with a true incident several years ago. Here is what happened...

    Colin Christopher

    Hypnotherapist and entertainer from Canada interviewed on CW about his book Success Through Manipulation and more.

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